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Rezoning Plan

Comprehensive Development & Rezoning plan

Released in September 2005, the Coney Island Strategic Plan serves as a guide for further development in Coney Island and was integral to the City’s new Comprehensive Development and Rezoning Plan for Coney Island, released in November 2007.

Goal 1

Maintain Coney Island’s character and culture by protecting amusement area in perpetuity

  • Preserve 50 acres of contiguous parkland that connects the Parachute Jump to the Asser Levy Park for generations of residents and visitors

  • Create an open, accessible and year-round amusement district that brings together new and legendary attractions by partnering with world-class developers to build the largest urban amusement park in the country

  • Create space for private development of hotels, restaurants, theaters and other year-round entertainment options
Goal 2

Re-develop Coney Island in an integrated plan to strengthen the surrounding neighborhood

  • Create new housing, retail and exciting public open space that will bring the critical mass necessary to sustain and strengthen the neighborhood in the long-term

  • Improve transit and streetscape to connect communities to the amusements, beach and boardwalk

  • Re-imagine and improve the boardwalk and restore icons such as the B&B Carousell and Steeplechase Plaza
Goal 3

Foster economic activity that creates jobs and opportunities for local residents

  • Create new housing and retail services that will provide job and housing opportunities

  • Provide job training and placement services to local residents

Fast Facts

The 19-block Comprehensive Rezoning Plan aims to meet the above goals in the following ways:

  • Grow: 6.8 million square feet of new development
  • Strengthen: 27-acre amusement and entertainment district
  • Construct: A new 1.4 acre neighborhood park in Coney West
  • Develop: 4,000-5,000 new units of housing in Coney North and Coney West
  • Create: Approximately 900 new units of affordable housing
  • Activate: 500,000 sf of retail & neighborhood services
  • Employ: Over 6,000 new permanent jobs and over 25,000 construction jobs created
  • Thrive: Over $14 billion in economic activity generated over 30 years

Get more information

For more detailed information, please explore CIDC Press Releases, visit the Department of City Planning’s Coney Island Comprehensive Rezoning Plan, and visit the Office of Environmental Coordination’s Coney Island Rezoning Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

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