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CIDC Hosts 1st Annual Student Writing Competition
Community Outreach

Coney Island is home to a flourishing, one-of-a-kind urban neighborhood, and CIDC intends to continue to engage the entire Coney Island community as the implementation of the Strategic Plan proceeds.Through community outreach, CIDC has become a partner for community residents and stakeholders to ensure that their voices are heard in every stage of the development process.

CIDC has celebrated a number of successes, including a Student Writing Competition and a Coney Island Student Art Competition which centered around the theme "My Vision for the Future of Coney Island." These contests encouraged students to think of themselves as community stakeholders while helping promote awareness of their roles in the future of Coney Island. CIDC has also led workforce development activities, including a series of Job Readiness Workshops that culminated in the Coney Island Career Opportunities Fair, as well as partnerships with the Brooklyn Cyclones Ringling Bros., Kingsborough Community College, local community-based organizations. In Summer 2010 CIDC worked with Central Amusements International, the operator of the new Luna Park amusement park, to encourage and facilitate local employment opportunities. The CIDC, in coordination with local community based organizations and in cooperation with local elected representatives, is pleased to announce workforce outreach efforts for the 2011 season.

Project Highlights
CIDC actively reaches out to the Coney Island community